Wolverines News · Whitmire Athletic Hall of Fame Annuncement

THE WHITMIRE ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME INDUCTION will take place at the August 31, 2018 home  Football game.  Last year, a new tradition was added to the induction ceremony which takes place at half time of the game and we will continue this new tradition this year and in years to come.

All PAST HALL OF FAME members are invited to attend the game and come on to the field at half time to help celebrate the new inductees.  Hall of Fame members will be admitted to the game free of charge by entering at the “Pass Gate” which is located at the scoreboard end of the stadium.  Any family or friends attending with these members must purchase a ticket and enter at the ticket gate.  At half time, the Hall of Fame members will assemble on the field behind the new inductees and will be recognized before the new induction begins.

WHITMIRE ALUMNI AND COMMUNITY:  Your help is needed!  We need to get word to the past members of the Hall of Fame to let them know about this new tradition.  Please share this information and help us reach as many of our past members as possible.  We do not have current contact information for all of the members and we are going to rely heavily on “word of mouth” and social media to get the word to these Hall of Fame Members.